The ONLY Trap Multi Kit You'll Need..

Bring your production to the next level with the Antihero Multi-Kit. 

This FREE multi-kit has all the tools you need to INSTANTLY improve your beats and samples. 

Inspired by artists like Lil Baby and Future, we tirelessly worked on this FREE multi-kit filled with epic and dark samples, making you feel like the Hero and Villain at the same time.. the Antihero.

Includes 28 Loops, 42 Analog Lab V Presets, Full Trap Drum Kit, and 34 Phrases.

  • (FREE) Antihero Loop Kit

  • (FREE) Antihero Analog Lab Bank
  • (FREE) Antihero Drum Kit

  • (FREE) Antihero Phrase Kit

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this pack royalty free?

All samples are royalty free for beat leasing (i.e. Beatstars) and with placements under 1 million streams. Once a song has reached 1 million streams, the sample must be cleared for royalty/publishing splits with the samplemakers.

Any questions contact

2. Where will I receive my files?

After you submit the form, we will send a download link to your email.

3. Can I get a refund?

This is a free product so you won't be paying for anything.
4. Who should download the Antihero Multi-Kit?