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Gifted Multi-Kit compliments the Antihero Multi-Kit PERFECTLY to make sure you never lose inspiration.

Grammy nominated producer 'JTBeatz' created Gifted Multi-Kit to cover everything you could possibly need - Loops, MIDI, Drum Kits, Drum Loops, AND an Analog Lab Bank.

We could take this kit down at ANY time, so if you click away you may NEVER be able to claim this offer again. 

  • Elevate your beats and spark creativity INSTANTLY 

  • Hassle free clearance for major placements
  • Easily drag and drop for your next hit TODAY

NEVER Lose Inspiration Again!

This multi-kit includes:

  • 35 Loops (Trap, RnB, Soul, and more)

  • 3 Drum Kits with 204 sounds
  • 42 Drum Loops

  • Analog Lab Bank with 35 Presets

  • MIDI Library with 60 MIDI

You won't find this much value ANYWHERE else for the price (over 150+ value!)

Get 'Gifted Multi-Kit' worth $184


  • GIFTED LOOP KIT ($40 value)

  • GIFTED DRUM KIT ($37 value)
  • GIFTED DRUM LOOPS ($27 value)

  • GIFTED MIDI LIBRARY ($40 value)

  • PORTAL ANALOG LAB BANK ($40 value)

Total Value = $184

1. Is this pack royalty free?

All samples are royalty free for beat leasing (i.e. Beatstars) and with placements under 1 million streams. Once a song has reached 1 million streams, the sample must be cleared for royalty/publishing splits with the samplemakers.

Any questions contact team@ariasound.co

2. Where will I receive my files?

After you complete checkout you will be automatically redirected to your download link.

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3. Can I get a refund?

Because this is a digital product we cannot offer refunds on any purchases.